Slide Gate Operator in Vernon Hills 01

Slide Gate Operator in Vernon Hills

Last summer ECI completed an extensive project in a Vernon Hills, IL location. ECI furnished and installed a slide gate operator (green box pictured above) as well as the vehicle detector loops (see foreground of image below for greater detail) and the concrete saw cuts and filler. We also supplied the fence and matching slide gate which was installed by others. We also tied in the existing access control system.

Slide Gate Operator in Vernon Hills 02

The slide gate is located inside the fenced area and moves across the road way to allow authorized vehicular traffic access to the secured area when valid credentials are presented. As you can see, this slide gate moves on wheels. Other slide gates are cantilevered or ride along metal tracks in the ground.

The slide gate operator handles the heavy task of moving the slide gate back and forth across the opening. For this application we selected HySecurity’s SliderDriver™ slide gate operator. These slide gate operators can move gates weighing up to 20,000 pounds in speeds between one and three feet per second.

There are 31 models available to meet almost any specification. UPS back up power options are available as are many other options including custom colors. External entrapment devices must be installed to protect pedestrians from being caught between the gate and a pole or other fixed object at either the fully open or fully closed position.

We installed two vehicle detector loops, one inside the fenced in area and one outside. The inside vehicle detector loop senses traffic attempting to exit the location. Upon sensing an exiting car or truck, a relay triggers the gate to open. Once free of the gate, another vehicle detector loop triggers a relay to close the gate. This technology is extremely reliable and can be programmed to sense all sizes of vehicles from scooters and motorcycles to large trucks.

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