Entry Slide Gate and Controllers Indiana

Early last month I wrote “Slide Gate Operators and Vehicle Detector Loops Indiana Site” which addressed a recent installation at a north central Indiana site. Shown above is the main entrance gate with a guard booth at the same Indiana site. ECI installed identical equipment, again using reliable Nice/HySecurity SlideSmart DC™ slide gate operators.

Vehicle Detector Loops at Main Gate Indiana

At this gate attendants are present in the guard shelter at busy times. For automated access, there are two access control readers stacked high and low on the black dual gooseneck pedestal in the foreground. They are mounted so as to accommodate drivers’ easy reach from either cars or trucks.

On the left vehicle detector loops are shown as installed in the existing pavement on both the entry and exit lanes. Sealing material protects the saw cuts made in the pavement.

Nice/HySecurity SlideSmart DC™ Slide Gate Operator Indiana

These slide gate operators can slide a gate weighing up to 1,500 pounds and up to 40 feet long. Easy to install and set up, they can also be used to retrofit installations.

The slide gate operator is show to the right.

A simple design allows easier troubleshooting which helps lowering the cost of maintenance and repairs. In case of power loss, standard batteries maintain gate travel. Backup battery life may be extended or optional solar power may be used. Internet access of event logs for easy troubleshooting can be provided.

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