DoorKing 9150 Slide Gate Operator

DoorKing 9150 Slide Gate Operator

Earlier this year ECI was called to Woodhaven Lakes in Sublette, IL for an unusual application. Owners wanted to automate access and egress for their fenced and gated recycling area.

We added two DKS™ DoorKing® 9150 Slide Gate Operators for the new gates. We were provided with power and concrete mounting pads. We made the power connections.

One of the operators is shown above. Please note the photoelectric beam (small black ‘p’ shaped object) mounted on the post to the right of the operator. The beam is an entrapment device meant to detect people or objects obstructing the closing of the automatic gate.

If someone or something breaks the beam the gate stops and reverses. Secondary entrapment protection devices are required with this gate operator.

Two Sliding Gate Operator Models

The operator model with a one-half horsepower motor accommodates gates up to 30 feet in length and weighing up to 1000 pounds. For gates up to 45 feet long and 1500 pounds there is a model with a one horsepower motor. Gates must operate on a level surface and be in good condition for the operator to work efficiently.

Some of the main features include a built-in mechanical and electronic reverse system, anti-tailgating feature, a galvanized steel frame, fail-safe release and inputs for the vehicle detector loops.

Additionally, the operator can be configured for front, center or rear drive applications and can be pad or post mounted. It also has a partial open feature that allows long gates to open 14 feet for automobile traffic or to fully open for large trucks or oversize vans.

Several important safety features are included such as its built-in mechanical and electronic reverse system, automatic limit adjustment and a special anti-tailgating feature to reduce unauthorized vehicle access. Each operator comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Woodhaven Lakes is a private lake community located in Sublette, IL, 113 miles west of Chicago. The community has facilities for fishing, boating and swimming. It also has a clubhouse, playground and tennis courts.

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