Chain Drive Operator and Sliding Gate

Chain Drive Operator and Sliding Gate

ECI was called to a north Chicago suburban location doing medical research and treatments at the onset of COVID. We were tasked with automating a designated gated entry point to the site. This enabled management to monitor everyone entering the site and ensure they had or would go through a vigorous COVID check.

We installed a Nice/HySecurity SlideSmartâ„¢ DC15 chain drive slide gate operator as part of a turnkey installation. The operator can be also be powered via solar when an electrical source is not available.

Additional furnished and installed equipment included the concrete pad the operator sits on, the yellow protective bollards, gate edge guards and a vehicle detector loop. The detector loop is the gray rectangle shown in the pavement in the middle of the image on the far left. The loop senses a vehicle while trying to exit. It then relays the gate operator to open the gate.

A black photo-electric beam is shown in the image below. It is attached to a gate post. The beam relays the gate operator once a vehicle has cleared the area and the beam is restored to a closed position. The operator then closes the gate.

Sliding Gate Chain Drive Operator and P-E Beam

Sliding Gate Chain Drive Operator and P-E Beam

ECI provided all conduit, electrical runs and connections to equipment. We did pavement cuts as well as sealing.

There were several challenges but we were able to meet the customer’s expectations. These included dealing with an extremely tight deadline from start to finish because of the pandemic. We also had to work in a high-traffic area since all vehicles were routed through this checkpoint. We managed to work alongside security personnel tasked with controlling access to the site until the installation was completed.

Nice/HySecurity boasts of the reliability of these sliding gate operators, the optional settings, ease of programming, long life and low required maintenance. A five-year warranty is standard.

These commercial grade slide gate operators are rated to move gates up to 40 feet long that weigh up to 1,500 pounds. The operators come with standard UPS backup batteries with an option for extended battery life. Two output relays are included and an optional relay board can supply eight more outputs.

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