Slide Gate Operator | University of Chicago

Slide Gate Operator | University of Chicago

ECI supplied and installed this Doorking slide gate operator at the dock gate of the University of Chicago’s Rubenstein Building. The gate operator is shown in the center of the image above on a concrete pad.

A Vehicle detection loop senses a vehicle as it approaches the gate from inside the gated area. It then sends a relay signals to the gate operator which opens the gate. Loops are cut into the pavement, wired into the gate operator and then the cuts are sealed.

The black pole to the left of the slide gate operator has two photoelectric beams in a double stack (high and low) arrangement. The beams are broken as a vehicle passes through the open gate. This opens the circuit and alerts the gate operator to keep the gate open. When the vehicle clears the beams the circuit is closed (restored) and a relay signals the gate operator that the gate may be closed safely.

Note the gray safety bollard protecting the fragile equipment from accidental damage from a minor collision caused by a vehicle.

These slide gate operators operate in fail-secure mode meaning the gate remains closed when and if there is a power failure. The gates must be opened manually in this case. To stop unauthorized vehicles from entering and further enhance security, partial open and circuits that prevent tailgating are included.

Safety edge guards, or entrapment devices, were also installed on the gate. This safety factor helps prevent (most importantly) people or objects from being crushed by the gates when they close completely. When an edge guard comes into contact with something other than reaching the fully closed position, it signals the gate operator. The gate stops and automatically reverses.

This is like the beams protecting residential garage doors. If small children or objects out of the driver’s sight obstruct the beam, the garage door stops from closing and reverses to the open position.

Three button exterior gate operators were also supplied, installed and connected to the gate operator. These buttons can open the gate, close the gate or stop the gate during movement.

Other accessories include warning signs, stop and go traffic signals, timers, heaters, etc. Some gate controllers can be solar powered when electricity is not available.

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