Daily Mail Australia reported recently: “Security to be beefed up on Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall after a terrifying police chase through the shopping strip evoked memories of car rampage that killed six people”.

Police and the city council in Melbourne, Australia are considering adding additional security bollards at Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall’s electric rail lines after a recent incident. A green Mitsubishi Lancer sped down Bourke Street after police attempted to stop the vehicle for a license violation.

The car was at one time suspected to be part of a vehicular terrorist attack when it sped away. After the car crashed into bollards along the street police approached with guns drawn. (The video above shows the damaged bollard and debris.) The driver made a u-turn, drove back down the street (see video below) and escaped. A passenger jumped out of the car when it was stopped and also evaded the police.

A few days later it was reported that two young male suspects, allegedly the driver and the passenger, were arrested and questioned in the event. The video below also shows the car speeding down the street and backing up after hitting the bollard in the original incident.

It was later determined that the driver was trying to evade police and not involved in a terrorist attack. However, the incident brought back memories to many of a terrible incident that happened down the same street.

Six were killed and 27 people injured in 2017 by a driver in a drug-induced psychosis. Security bollards were installed to protect the pedestrians moving along the sidewalks, but none were installed to prevent cars and other vehicles from entering the street.

Fortunately, no one was injured in this latest incident, although many were seen scampering out of the path of the vehicle.

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