I came across a humorous development in the Philippines recently. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is replacing concrete barriers along the EDSA busway in Manila with steel security bollards.

A representative of the MMDA claims that ”Hard Headed Bus Drivers” are not following speed limits in the narrower bus lanes resulting in crashes and damages. This story was reported in by the Manila Bulletin in an article entitled: “MMDA to install 6K steel bollards at narrow areas along EDSA”. The security bollards are described as “short metal posts set at intervals to delimit an area or exclude vehicles.”

In another article the same spokesperson was quoted to say that the accidents were “100 percent the fault of drivers.” This was reported at MSN News “EDSA concrete barriers replaced with bollards”.

At least 15 crashes related to the concrete barriers were reported within the past few weeks. Some of the accidents were caused by vehicles changing lanes. The move by the MMDA to install the security bollards will make for additional room on the lanes for buses and other vehicles.

Tribune Net writes “Bollards replace EDSA concrete barriers”. It tells readers that “the concrete barriers will remain at loading and unloading areas for the safety of commuters.” A recent video circulating on social media showed an accident caught by a dashcam.

In the video above of an evening (rather speedy) drive along the EDSA, you can see some of the security bollards installed on the left lanes at the beginning of the video. Concrete barriers are visible on the right entrance lanes at approximately 3:55, 4:45, 6:15 and again at 7:20.

According to Wikipedia EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue) is “…a limited-access circumferential highway around Manila, the capital of the Philippines…It is the longest and the most congested highway in the metropolis, stretching some 23.8 kilometres (14.8 mi).”

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