NBC News reported the above video available on YouTube “Vehicle Crashes Into Jewelry Store on North Michigan Avenue, Startling Passerbys | NBC Chicago“. ABC Eyewitness News also included a video in their article of the same event “Stolen car crashes into Michigan Ave. jewelry store, police say“.

I wanted to again show you the extent of the damage (and potential injuries and deaths) that occurs when incidents such as these take place.

Unlike crash and grabs (ram raids) or low speed vehicular incidents, this was a case of a driver of a stolen car losing control while trying to avoid another vehicle as police pursued.

Officers tried to stop the car for traffic violations while it was driving along the Magnificent Mile. The pursuit ensued after the driver sped up to avoid the police.

The incident was also reported in the Chicago Tribune’s article “Car crashes into Michigan Avenue jewelry store“.

This marks several times within just the past month or so that we have written about low speed vehicle crashes

On Sept. 1st we wrote “Crash and Grabs And Low Speed Vehicle Crashes In My Alerts“. This article led off with an incident right here in Mundelein. It also discussed low speed vehicle crashes in Australia and New Zealand.

Prior to that on Aug. 11th I reported “Low Speed Accident Injures Driver and Damages Funeral Home“. This happened on Milwaukee Avenue in nearby Wheeling. A video accompanied that article.

I doubt whether the most recent incident could have been prevented by the use of crash rated bollards or wedge barriers because of the location of the store along Michigan Avenue. Thankfully the store was closed at the time and pedestrians moving along the street, although shaken, were not injured.

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