Stop & Go Lights - Vehicle Detector Loop Main

Stop & Go Lights – Vehicle Detector Loop – Main

I have shared two blog articles for an installation at a corporate office in Vernon Hills over the past two months. The installation included anti-terrorist vehicle barriers for the dual entry and exit lanes to the office and parking lot as well as the lane leading to the warehouse dock.

Today I want to share some of the additional components we furnished and installed as part of the turnkey installation.

The two arrows at the top of the image above point to stop and go traffic lights. These act as a visual warning to drivers in addition to the red and white stripes on the I beam barrier bars. There will be significant damage and possible injuries if a vehicle attempts to merely drive through these anti-terrorist barriers.

Access Control Readers - Main

Access Control Readers – Main

The lower arrow points to the sealed cut marks in the pavement. The vehicle detector loop senses once a vehicle has passed beyond the barrier bar. It then relays the gate operator to lower the beam into the horizontal, closed position.

The image to the left is a closer view of the entry and exit lanes to the office and parking lot. Here I want to point out the access control readers. When drivers present credentials that are authorized for that time period, access or egress is provided.

A similar configuration was installed for the warehouse dock lane. The picture below on the left shows the two stop and go lights. Vehicles use the same lane for both access and egress. The entry access control reader is indicated close to the street.

Stop & Go Lights - Access Control Reader - Dock

Stop & Go Lights – Access Control Reader – Dock

Photo Electric Beam - Dock

Photo Electric Beam – Dock

The image on the right shows one end of a photo-electric beam. This acts in a similar fashion to the above referenced vehicle detector loop. Once a vehicle passes through the beam the circuit is restored and a signal sent to the barrier operator.

B&B-ARMR supplied the K4 DOS certified automatic gate beam barrier bars.

The previous articles can be found at “I-Beam Barrier Bars At Vernon Hills Corporate Office Lanes” and “I-Beam Barrier Bar Installed | Vernon Hills Corporate Offices“.

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