Dual Strobeswitch™ by Tomar Electronics

Dual Strobeswitch™ by Tomar Electronics

Earlier this week I wrote about repair work and new installations ECI did for the Village Green of Lincolnshire in 1917. Village Green is a residential gated community in Chicago’s northwest suburban area.

I also want to to mention ECI also installed an emergency vehicle Strobeswitch™ detector at Village Green. This was in addition to the previously mentioned repaired swing gates operators, new battery backup system, cellular telephone access system and vehicle detector loops.

Have you ever noticed how traffic lights at an intersection quickly change when a police car, ambulance or fire truck speeds down the street? Often times a white strobe also flashes above the traffic signal lights as visual notification as well.

These emergency vehicles need a clear traffic path to speed to their destination. Visual receivers detect the emergency vehicle equipped with a recognized optical emitter sending out a strobe signal. The receiver senses the approaching vehicle from a distance and in turn controls the traffic signals through programmable output relays.

The same scenario applies when an emergency vehicle approaches a residential gated community such as Village Green of Lincolnshire. The emergency vehicle needs the automatic swing gate(s) opened to gain rapid access in case of fire or a person’s need of medial attention. Seconds often count in an emergency situation.

The Strobeswitch™ operates in any weather, including bright sunlight. They are not subject to interference from radio frequencies and can ignore other unauthorized non-digital visual signals such as flashlights if someone tries to fool it.

The typical range is about 200′ in a 60º field of view. Dual detectors (as shown above) can be installed to detect vehicles approaching from different directions. Because of low draw, detectors can even be successfully installed with solar powered gate operators.

Image courtesy of Tomar Electronics. Learn more about Strobeswitch™ there.

ECI provided, installed or maintains equipment for many other Residential Gated Communities in the Chicagoland area.

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