Winter Wonderland In Your Parking Lot

Make A Winter Wonderland In Your Parking Lot

I like the snow. I like it when the snow is fresh, clean and beautiful and on the ground. Or as it slowly drifts through the air. I like snow after it has fallen while I was asleep so the streets are clean enough to get to work without impediment.

However, there has been hardly a trace of snow here in the Chicago metropolitan area this season as of yet. What has fallen has vanished within minutes or hours. And the current outlook for the holidays is rather grim, although I know that can change in a moment.

No snow makes me a little sad. And I realize I may be sorry for writing this later this season. But for today I thought I would digress, as I have previously.

I will share an article with those of you sharing involvement in the Parking Access (and Revenue Control) arena. It might be too late for this holiday season, but the piece may give you an idea for the winter months ahead or for the future.

An article entitled “Making a Winter Wonderland of Your Parking Lot” was published last month in Parking Network, an online industry magazine. The story wrote about locations that are bringing “some festive cheer to what has been a challenging year” by repurposing access parking lot during periods of low occupancy and usage.

So I ask –

Have you considered decorating your parking lot for the public and/or your employees as a drive-through light show? What about some other type of entertainment venue? Even a music fest? For small business vendors? Charity or food collections?

Perhaps you can get some ideas on how to make use of your parking facilities if you are experiencing low occupancy. You might even be able to generate some revenue.

Or maybe just doing something different that brings some seasonal joy and cheerfulness might just be an effective distraction to the lockdowns and restrictions we currently face.

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