Last month reported “Essex man jailed for involvement in ram-raids at two shops in Suffolk“. The ram raids were conducted last November. One at a Co-Op in Debenham England.

If you go to the site you can see a vivid video showing a Manitou telehandler driving up to the storefront. The telehandler has a telescoping arm with a claw at the end.

While still positioned past the protecting bollards, the vehicle repeatedly drives up as the arm rams through the wall and into the store. As this is happening, a white pickup van is seen in the background as it drives up and positions itself in the parking lot.

Eventually, the bollards prove no match for the telehandler as it is driven closer to the Co-Op. Once the hole has enlarged a man, probably the driver is seen entering the store. Later he and two others emerge.

Finally, the telehandler pulls the cash machine, which was tied with some type of lasso strap, out of the store. Two of the perpetrators wrap the strap around the telehandler’s arm which lifts it up and presumably puts it into the van. The van was later found with the cash machine and its contents still inside.

Debenham is a village in Mid Suffolk, which lies on the east coast of the U.K.

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