Telephone Access Control Gated Community After

The entryway is the first impression many see leading to this gated area in a Fox Lake, IL residential community. It was in dire need of upgrading and some tender loving attention and care.

Pictured to the left is the ‘after’ look and pictured below and to the right is the ‘before’. The existing telephone access control unit needed replacement.

We chose the Doorking® 1837 Telephone Entry System – 80 Series pictured above on the white post in the center. This unit displays up to eight residences with up to 20 characters at a time. It is PC programmable and software is included. It has the capacity to store up to 3,000 names and phones numbers.

To gain access a visitor selects the residents’ name from the directory listing by using the alpha keys. Once selected the call button is pressed. The house or cell phone is called, upon answering the home owner is connected to the intercom. He/she can press a key to relay the gate to open and allow access.

Telephone Access Control Gated Community Before

Telephone Access Control Gated Community Before

We also provided a new (black) AWID proximity reader (extended on white pedestal arm) with long range (18-24”) read capability. Residents with current valid access control devices merely drive up and present their existing credentials to open the entry gate.

A new custom pedestal was provided to mount both the telephone entry system and access control reader. And a new post was installed for the stop sign.

Some additional housekeeping was suggested and the community agreed. We provided the yellow poly (plastic) covers for the security bollards to eliminate future painting. The bollards help protect against damage from errant vehicles. The concrete pad was also redone (by others).

All in all, I am sure you will agree this makes a visual difference to a visitor’s first impression.

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