This past July I wrote about a Doorking telephone entry system we installed for a gated residential community in Fox Lake, IL. The article was titled “Telephone Entry System | Access Control for Gated Community“.

Telephone entry systems are an integral part of access control and are often found in condos, apartment buildings, dorms, residential complexes such as gated communities as well as schools, offices and other businesses and governmental agencies. They are also called intercoms and doorphones.

This video from Doorking provides a history of telephone entry options for typical telephone entry systems. The earliest telephone entry systems relied on copper wiring which was difficult and expensive to install and maintain over time.

At times installing a telephone entry system at an outside remote location (i.e. outside a barrier gate) meant digging and trenching, laying conduit and pulling wires through that conduit. There is little flexibility when systems are tied directly to cable, ethernet or optical cable.

Using cellular telephone technology represents a solution for access control via telephone entry systems since it no longer requires copper wiring or trenching. Using cellular phones also eliminates the hassles of long distance since the system can literally dial anywhere. Service can be provided at any remote location having cell service.

Damaged cables or conduit can mean costly repairs. Doorking’s cellular box can retrofit units up to 15 years of age. If your unit is older than that, a conversion and cellular box often times will be less costly that repairs.

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