Earlier this year we reported “Counter Terrorism Activities Heightened in Cambridge England”. This story focused around King’s Parade which is an area in central Cambridge frequented by many tourists, cyclists and university students. City officials raised their concern about potential vehicular attacks on large crowds in light of other recent incidents in England and abroad and measures to counter terrorism threats.

Just this past Friday the Cambridge News ran a story entitled “New traffic measures coming to King’s Parade to prevent terror attacks”. The Cambridge city council plans to install a temporary barrier across the southern end of King’s Parade. After an assessment of potential vulnerabilities, this is a precautionary effort to prevent an attack by a terrorist using a vehicle. Although temporary, the counter terrorism barrier could remain in place for as long as two years.

There, of course, is opposition to the plan. Its opponents raise several issues including loss of parking spaces for the disabled, inconvenience to cyclists due to narrowed access, etc. Apparently the road is too narrow for a barrier that can be opened and closed for cars and trucks to access and bicyclists to maneuver around. However, it appears safety concerns have trumped inconvenience in the eyes of the councilors.

The above video shows many of the historic places along the King’s Parade route. Notice the vast number of parked bikes and bicyclists. It’s also a great perspective of the British way of driving on the ‘wrong side’ of the road. Cambridge is located north of and just east of London.

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