I write here often about crash and grab or ram raids and share videos with you showing the violence and destruction. However, I haven’t yet come across anything to describe what we see in this video.

The scene is in Edinburgh, Scotland which is located on the eastern side of the country. The movement of a stolen black SUV traveling down a dark, empty street is captured on video by a store’s camera.

The SUV stops several yards after passing the store. It then backs up to the store where it maneuvers over the curb to position itself to ram into the storefront in reverse. After the second ram no fewer than seven perpetrators emerge from the car.

Each is similarly dressed in faint blue coveralls, masks and some have knit caps on.

Four of the perps enter the store while the other three lounge on the sidewalk. One of the loungers actually examines the damaged rear end of the SUV.

The four who were in the store soon emerge, with only one carrying any loot, which appears to be a cash drawer. The seven get back in the SUV and are ready to drive away from the crash and grab scene.

But wait, there’s more!

Before pressing on, four of them exit the SUV and two re-enter the store. They emerge with small items in hand, some falling to the ground.

It was reported that there was over £20K (more than $27,000) in damage but they stole only cigarettes and cash. Someone must have been having nicotine withdrawal.

It was the fourth store robbery in less than 10 years.

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