Two Boon Edam Full Height Turnstile Gates

Two Boon Edam Full Height Turnstile Gates

ECI furnished and installed three full height turnstiles, or turnstile doors, in a near west Chicago suburban location. Two are shown in the image above. The equipment was furnished by Boon Edam.

Turnstiles are actually revolving doors and can be continuously revolving. However, when controlled by access equipment, only one-third of a revolution is allowed at a time. As one user enters the secure space the next user can enter the open but locked turnstile. The second user must wait until the turnstile unlocks and they can then rotate to gain access into the secured space.

Fifteen to 20 people can pass through per minute in a standard configuration. These turnstiles help to eliminate unauthorized entry as well as tailgating (following in closely behind an authorized entry).

We also connected company furnished access control readers. Employees enter the area and first go through metal detectors. They then present access control credentials to pass through the turnstiles.

The filler railing shown in the foreground was also installed by ECI. This railing helps to control traffic as employees exit the building. I’ll discuss that equipment in a future article.

These rugged, low maintenance turnstiles are also available in tandem (dual access and egress) versions. Models are available solely for outdoor applications. These are suitable for either interior or exterior locations. A third model comes with a polycarbonate barrier and shield construction.

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