TranScore furnishes RFID equipment and supplies to ECI for our vehicle parking and revenue control applications, generally referred to as PARCS. The video above shows the difference in timing between vehicles entering a parking facility using this technology versus cars entering a lane (in the foreground) using ticket spitters.

Three cars that use RFID tags (or chips) and a receiver can enter the facility in the same time it takes for one car to enter via the ticket spitter lane. Exit time is equally fast, if not more so – especially if payment is made at the exit.

RFID is the acronym for Radio Frequency IDentification and its devices. Simply stated, RFID is a technology that makes use of radio waves to transmit signals, which may include data, to automatically identify those tagged objects.

Here the tag has a relatively short-range radio transmitter that carries identifying information. This information is picked up by a receiver connected to a computer. If the computer recognizes the tag as valid for entry at that time, a relay is sent to the barrier gate to open and the car can proceed into the parking area.

The information from the tag is logged into the computer data file. It is available through regular reports or via inquiries. Even invalid attempts are logged.

Real world RFID examples you should be familiar with are automatic toll collections transmitters used on high-speed tollways, entry key fobs or proximity cards. Even garage door openers use the same technology. RFID devices are often used in place of numeric keypads, swipe, proximity or insertion cards or biometric readers.

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