UIC Pay On Foot Terminals

UIC Pay On Foot Terminals

Pictured above is a shelter with three Pay on Foot terminals recently installed as part of UIC‘s (University of Illinois Chicago) extensive parking access and revenue control system (PARCS) on Chicago’s near west side.

The two pay on foot terminals shown on the left accept both credit cards as well as cash. The terminal to the right accepts credit cards only. The latter caters to the typical traveler who is less inclined to carry cash. These terminals are typically scattered throughout an installation along with combination terminals.

Pay on Foot Sequence of Operations

Infrequent parking lot users who do not have credentials typically issued to employees or students receive a parking ticket when they enter one of the many parking facilities. Therefore they must present a validated ticket or pay the appropriate parking fee or the difference when ready to leave.

The parking ticket’s bar code is read upon inserting it into the pay on foot reader. Then the date(s), entry time and exit time are calculated. A parking fee is calculated based on the length of stay and prevailing rate and displayed.

Insert a validation pass coupon you received from a merchant or tenant before inserting the parking ticket. If valid, the value is calculated against the calculated parking fee from the parking ticket itself. The resulting fee due, if any, is displayed upon insertion of the ticket itself.

A satisfied ticket is issued after paying the remaining fee due in cash or credit card at the Pay on Foot machine. You go to your car, drive to the automated exit lane, insert the satisfied ticket and the barrier gate opens and you exit.

And the sequence is complete!

ECI provided and installed the guard booth and shelter from Porta-King and installed the Pay on Foot terminal equipment which was supplied by WPS.

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