Exterior Access - Turnkey Work

Exterior Access – Turnkey Work

Earlier this month I wrote a blog article entitled “HySecurity HD25 Now Automatically Opens and Closes This Gate.” It contained an image of the entry/exit gate at an auto storage facility in Hammond, Indiana. In the article I mentioned that this was a turnkey installation.

I want to share some pictorial details of the installation with you. This displays why we are so proud of the detail to workmanship we strive for here at Electrical Contractors, Inc.

One of the dual-arm pedestals is pictured above. This accommodates both auto and truck driver levels. We mounted the furnished access control equipment on the arms. I want to point out the excellent conduit, as well as the concrete, work.

The next image shows the electrical connections we furnished inside the building in the electrical room. Notice the electrical switch on the right we also supplied.
Interior Electrical - Turnkey Work

This is a shunt switch that controls the slide gate operation. The top position overrides the automatic functions. It holds the gate open for ease of access and egress in heavy traffic times. The lower position places the operation back in automatic mode.

HySecurity HD25 Sliding Gate Operator

HySecurity HD25 Sliding Gate Operator

The installed Nice/HySecurity SlideSmart™ HD25 slide gate operator is shown to the left. We also supplied and installed the vehicle detector loops, did all the directional boring work as well as the installation of the entrapment safety devices on the sliding gate and the concrete pad for the pedestal at the street access.

ECI offers a variety of turnkey solutions to save you time and money. Contact ECI for all of your vehicle access control systems and security, including entry control integration. We also maintain and service your existing equipment.

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