Calpipe Security Bollards Installed by ECI

Calpipe Security Bollards Installed by ECI

Bollard Rebar Cage Social Security AdministrationEarlier this year I shared this story with you “K12 Security Bollards for the Social Security Administration”. ECI installed five 880 pound crash rated removable anti-terrorist security bollards (by others) at the SSA building in Chicago. You see three of these bollards above as viewed at the pavement surface. Here are some additional images from the below ground excavation and construction phase.

The planning stage was extensive. Plans and drawings were made by our own Chuck Duda, a vital members of our Vehicle Access Control Systems Sales Team. The plans had to be submitted and approved in order to gain the necessary approval for a K-12 rating.

Bollards Certified As K-12 Rated

To become certified with a United States Department of State (DOS) K-12 rating, the barrier must withstand a 15,000-lb. vehicle traveling at 50 mph. The tuck’s bed can not penetrate more than 36 inches past the barrier.

Bollard Housing Wall Social Security Administration

Existing granite blocks were first removed as well as the concrete and soil below. A four foot wide by eighteen foot long and four foot deep hole was excavated for the three bollards. Another excavation hole was dug for the other two bollards (not shown).

A complex cage of #8 and #10 rebar was constructed for support. The bollard housing walls (shown at the upper left) were inserted and securely fastened to the rebar cage. Each bollard housing is 1-1/4” thick steel and four feet deep.

A unistrut (see detail to the upper right) was used to ensure the final proper height was exact. The housing wall was properly plumbed and leveled.

Once all bollard housings were in place (three shown below) nine yards of high pressure concrete was poured into the holes and allowed to set.

Bollard Housings In Place Social Security Administration

The granite blocks were replaced and the bollards along with their covers were lowered into place.

As mentioned before, counter terrorism, anti-ram bollards installed for Chicago’s SSA (and elsewhere) are meant to protect the property perimeter from heavy, perhaps explosive laden, trucks from driving through the perimeter while carrying their disastrous loads. They must also prevent entry from a following second vehicle. You can read more about bollards and K ratings on our Crash Rated Bollards page.

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