Parking Garage Entry System

Barrier Gates to Parking Lot

This request recently came to the ECI desk through the Internet from a combined manufacturing and office location in a near north Chicago suburb. The company is located very close to a school. It seems that parents enjoyed using the company’s parking spaces as if the parking lot belonged to the school. At times employees would find no parking spaces available due to the abundance of cars not authorized to park there, but still present in the parking lot.

Our Chuck Duda, Account Executive, promptly responded to the inquiry, was on site within 24 hours and had a proposal prepared and delivered within 48 hours of the visit. The speed of the ECI response impressed the client, who commented on it positively.

Complete Turnkey Installation for Barrier Gate System

The simple solution Chuck proposed was to install an automated barrier gate across the entrance. Some simple credentials would allow employees to remotely operate the barrier gate from their cars upon approach. The credentials were nothing more complicated than transponders similar to garage door openers. Of course, there was to be a receiver with a relay to trigger the barrier gate to open. This combination would keep the company’s investment moderate and avoid further expense.

Two vehicle detector loops are included. One is for a safety reset and one as a free exit. The latter will open the gate from the inside.

The challenge, and where we feel ECI excels above the competition, is to offer a complete, turnkey installation. We can supply a fully operational working project from start to finish. This lowers cost to the end user who does not have to deal with multiple contractors. It also saves time and finger pointing if errors occur in the installation process.

The turnkey installation proposal includes:

  • Providing a concrete pad for the barrier gate
  • Installation of the barrier gate
  • Installation of the garage door receiver
  • Installation of vehicle detector loops
  • Trenching and installing the proper conduit
  • Running of electricity out to the barrier gate
  • Tunneling under an existing sidewalk
  • Cutting the driveway for the vehicle detector loops

Installing wiring and all necessary circuitry at the barrier gate control panel

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