Turnstile and ADA Compliant Access Doorway for Abbvie, Inc.

Turnstile and ADA Compliant Access Doorway for Abbvie, Inc.

Last year ECI installed this full height employee access control turnstile barrier gate (shown to the right) for Abbvie, Inc. in North Chicago, IL. To the left is a fully ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant doorway access. Also notice the custom canopy shelter which covers the access.

The turnstile interfaces with the existing card access system for employee access at authorized times. The card reader is shown in the foreground just left of center, mounted on a pedestal mount.

Employees must present valid credentials to gain access. Their credentials can be programmed for specific date and time zones, according to work schedules or can be unlimited (i.e. supervisors and management personnel). Credentials at times may also be provided for maintenance people, temporary workers, visitors, etc.

If valid, access is granted for the particular date and time it is presented and the ‘event’ is logged into the access control system software. If the credential is not authorized at that time, access is denied and an error report of attempted access is logged into the system. A notification can also be sent.

Free exit is guaranteed per law. One merely rotates the turnstile to leave or uses a panic bar or door handle to exit via the door.

Turnstiles are also referred to as revolving doors, baffle gates, turnstyle (alternate spelling) and are sometimes humorously called ‘cheese graters’. They admit one person at a time and sometime only control one way traffic (i.e. typically in public transport scenarios, stadiums, air ports, amusement parks, etc.).

Title III (federal) regulations of the ADA were originally published in 1991. They specifically address nondiscrimination in commercial facilities and public accommodations on the basis of disability.

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