Boon Edam Waist Height Turnstile Gates

Boon Edam Waist Height Turnstile Gates

Last week I wrote about a near west Chicago suburban location where ECI installed three full height turnstiles, a.k.a. turnstile doors, to control access to a warehouse. Shown above are waist height turnstiles and filler railings that are used to regulate the flow of traffic as employees exit the facility. The turnstiles are known as tripods since they revolve one-third at a time.

The turnstile equipment for both applications was furnished by Boon Edam. The trilock turnstiles and railings are considered low level security since someone can slide or vault over them.

Entry through the full height turnstiles is gained by presenting valid access control credentials at a reader once an employee passes through a metal detector. Egress from the site through the tripod turnstiles is not controlled in that manner but the traffic flow is regulated to avoid human traffic jams.

As shown these rugged, low maintenance turnstiles are available as single or tandem units. Here the turnstiles are used for one-way traffic. Users must pause and take turns before proceeding through the lane, thus controlling the flow. In a two-way traffic flow application, users must pause and move in one direction at a time.

Available for both indoor and outdoor applications these turnstiles can be integrated with access control devices. Color finishes can be matched to specifications and branding or advertising messages can be added.

This model is suitable for heavy traffic usage and where tailgating (following in closely behind an authorized entry) deterrence is needed. Another model is portable and is used for temporary applications with moderate amounts of traffic. Green and red indicator lights are included in both. Twenty to 25 people can pass through per minute.

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