You must realize by now how much I enjoy sharing these crazy videos. Here are some shorter clips of what happens when drivers ignore warnings and signs alerting them to automatic bollards. Or are they merely attempting to outsmart the system?

In the above video we see the aftermath of what happens when a car’s front bumper gets wrapped around an automatic security bollard that rose from the ground in Leicester. The car is movable but the front side panel and hood have been severely damaged. The left front tire is flat. We see parts from the light and engine falling to the ground as the driver revs the engine and the car slowly moves in reverse.

The second video has to be one of the most interesting I have ever seen. We first see the automatic security bollards retract into the ground. Next, a white police car drives over the retracted bollards. Notice the ‘stop’ letters on the pavement to the right as the car drives through.

Well, I guess the next car paid little attention since it follows immediately. And here’s where it gets very interesting. The automatic bollards start rising just as the front end of the car passes over them.

The driver senses what’s happening and starts to move in reverse. However, the bollards are now high enough to lift the car off the ground near the front bumper. The driver patiently waits for the bollards to extend and then retract into the ground. He then slowly drives forward. A guard comes out and inspects whether there was damage to the bollards. Amazing!

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