You know how much I enjoy sharing videos with you. I was led to the above video from a recent article about a ram raid and a video I found on the Internet (see below). I can not share that video with you but will provide a link.

The above crash and grab raid video adds a feature I’ve yet to see on similar videos nor been able to share with you. It begins with the now routine view of the stolen handler driving into a co-op store in Liphook, England (north and just east of Portsmouth).

Note: Where do they find all of these telehandlers?

The rest of the gang pull up in a car and van (or truck). After a few monotonous slow-motion seconds showing the penetration into the store, the captured ATM is lowered into the truck and the two vehicles speed away.

Next, we watch a police vehicle camera as the car speeds down a one-lane road. The perpetrators approach in their car but we do not see the van. The thieves come upon the police car and then drive in reverse back down the road as the police give chase at about 20 mph. The fleeing car eventually stops and attempts to drive forward but is rammed not once but twice in attempting to get away.

Then the video becomes interesting. Apparently the perpetrators have left the vehicle and are fleeing on foot as either a helicopter or drone with an infrared camera follow. There may be three of them. If so, two are injured and the video ends with one perpetrator laying flat and another close by.

I was never able to share an infrared camera filming a pursuit before.

The story that I originally found was on Leeds News and entitled “Leeds gang jailed for 43 years after stealing £1.5m worth of goods from lorries across country“. A gang of eight members had been convicted of robbing trucks. But two of them were involved in a ram raid gone bad.

A red pickup truck almosts strikes a pedestrian as it violently backs into a Leeds jewellery store in this crash and grab. A second perpetrator arrives on the scene with a crowbar and rummages through a broken display case.

Then this video gets interesting. Rolling shutters start descending which will trap the thief in the store. His partner backs the truck into the store again. He first strikes his partner, pins him, then drags him out and he hits his head on the shutters. (Ouch!)

Visit the site to view the video, it is interesting as the other is.

I hope you enjoy watching these ran raid videos as much as I enjoy finding and sharing them with you.

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