UIC Maxwell Street Parking Garage North Entry

UIC Maxwell Street Parking Garage North Entry

I have previously posted several articles about the vast parking access revenue and control system (PARCS) ECI recently completed for the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Pictured here is one of the locations.

The Maxwell Street parking (garage) structure is located at 701 West Maxwell Street. This is the north entrance. The multistory parking garage is just west of the Dan Ryan Expressway (I-90-94) and borders on Union Street.

Parking Revenue and Access Control Equipment

We are looking south from the dual north entry lane and exit lane location. The barrier gate for the entry lane is shown in the middle right. Its barrier arm shows the red warning information.

Installed on the island starting at the lower left corner is a parking access and revenue control entry terminal with a ticket spitter for paying guests. An access credential reader for those with campus magnetic card IDs is next. Additionally there is an Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) reader suspended from the ceiling for those cars or trucks with vehicle tags.

The exit lane has a parking access and revenue control exit terminal for visitors making credit card payments or with validated tickets, magnetic card access credential holders and also recognizes vehicle tags with another AVI reader you can see suspended from the ceiling near the top left.

Two parking access and revenue control pay on foot cash terminal stations are located in the lobby to the right (glass above the blue lettered floor easel).

Guard Booth for Busy Periods

Looking straight ahead is a motorcycle near the south end of the parking garage. A guard booth (previously installed by ECI) is to the left of the motorcycle. The accompanying entry and exit lanes are actually located on Union Street on the east side of the structure.

Personnel are in attendance at the guard booth during busy periods to accept cash. Otherwise visitors must pay cash in the lobby mentioned above.

All entry and exit lanes are also equipped with vehicle detection loops. Yellow concrete bollards protect the equipment from accidental damage from vehicles.

The Parking and Access Revenue Control equipment was provided by WPS parking control systems.

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