Union Street Exit at UIC Maxwell Street Parking Lot

Union Street Exit at UIC Maxwell Street Parking Lot

A few weeks ago I posted the blog article entitled: “UIC Maxwell Street Parking Lot Access and Revenue Control”. In it I described the equipment portion of the recently completed University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) parking access revenue and control system (PARCS) at the north entry and exit lanes. I made mention of the south end and wish to share more detailed information about it with you as well as the picture above.

The image looks east out to Union Street near the south end of the multi-level Maxwell Street parking garage located at 701 West Maxwell Street in Chicago. Here we have one entry lane to the left and two exit lanes equipped with similar PARCS equipment as at the north access. The major difference in equipment is the guard booth ECI had previously installed. It is used during busier times for patrons paying with cash.

Parking Revenue and Access Control Equipment

There are automatic barrier gates for the entry lane as well as for both exit lanes. Please notice the clearly visible Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) readers above the center of each each lane. They are just above the lower (nearly horizontal) line of the supporting girder and extend down attached to a pole. These read authorized vehicle tags installed in cars or trucks and allow automatic access or egress.

The entry lane also includes a ticket spitter for infrequent guests who pay for parking as well as a reader for those campus personnel who have magnetic card IDs and an authorized account.

Both exit lanes have an exit terminal for validated tickets as well as those making credit card payments and an access control reader for those again with authorized magnetic cards. Guards, when present in the guard booth, can accept cash payments. Otherwise patrons must use the two parking access and revenue control pay on foot cash terminal stations located in the lobby near the north end.

The entry and exit lanes each have vehicle detection loops. Yellow concrete bollards protect the equipment from accidental damage from vehicles.

WPS parking control systems provided the The Parking and Access Revenue Control equipment.

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