UIC Parking Lot Access and Revenue Control Island

UIC Parking Lot Access and Revenue Control Island

As discussed previously ECI is completing a year long installation of a parking access revenue and control system (PARCS) for the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Read more about the installation at “UIC Parking Access Revenue Control System Nearly Complete” and UIC. Pictured above are components and controls for a combined entry lane and exit lane for access and egress to a surface parking lot on the UIC campus. They are installed on the raised concrete island.

The barrier gate for the exit lane is shown in the foreground of the image above. Just to the left is the brown guard booth. To the left of the guard booth is an exit terminal (large silver rectangular box). A similar configuration of a barrier gate and an entry terminal is installed (but not visible) on the opposite side in the entry lane.

UIC personnel, staff and students can enter and exit the surface parking lot automatically with their vehicle tags. An Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) reader is located above both the entry (as shown on the pole’s extension arm) and the exit lanes. Those issued magnetic cards can present them for authorization at readers installed in either of the terminals.

In an effort to automate the overall process, guests can also pay with cash or credit card at the exit terminal. The exit terminal can also process a validated parking ticket if paid for at one of the pay on foot terminals if a patron has processed the parking fees there.

Hardware and software installed by ECI was supplied by WPS and guard booths by Porta-King.

You can learn more about “Parking Access and Revenue Control Entry Terminal“, “Parking Access and Revenue Control Exit Terminal” and “Parking Access and Revenue Control Pay on Foot Terminal“.

I want to point out in the picture the parallel cut marks in the pavement just below the left most (yellow) bollard and the guard shack. This is where a vehicle loop detector was installed. You can read more about loop detectors at “How A Vehicle Detector Loop Works in Parking Access Control“. Also notice the equipment is protected by the previously mentioned yellow bollards to avoid or minimize accidental damage from errant vehicles.

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