Special Features at UIC Parking and Revenue Control System

Special Features at UIC PARCS System

I have discussed ECI putting finishing touches on a year long installation for the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in two recent blog articles. This is a parking access revenue and control system (PARCS).

I previously detailed the controls and hardware components for one combined access and egress entry and exit lane configuration for a UIC campus surface parking lot on Chicago’s near West side. I also discussed an adjacent pay on foot terminal which is located in a separate shelter in a corner of the parking lot itself.

Today I want to point out three rather unique or custom aspects of the entry and exit lane configuration (please see the corresponding numbers in the image above).

#1. Notice the AVI (automatic vehicle identification) reader pictured in the middle of the entry lane. The existing vehicle tags are installed in the middle of the vehicles’ windshields. In multi-storied parking garages installation of the AVI reader was easy since there was a ceiling from the floor above the entry and exit lanes. That was not the story for these exit and entry lanes for on street parking.

So ECI designed and installed a custom bracket attached to a pole. We hung the AVI reader on the bracket which extended near to the middle of both the entry (as shown) and exit lanes. The height easily accommodates both passenger vehicles as well as trucks.

#2. Our friends at Porta-King designed a custom expanded attractive roof top for the guard shack. It extended the design so as to camouflage the roof top HVAC unit. The open grid allows circulation and hinged access allows for maintenance and repairs.

#3. Personnel are rarely at the guard shack since the entry and exit process is fully automated. However, for extreme traffic conditions, a point of sales computer was included in the guard booth. Personnel are thus able to process tickets and accept either credit cards or cash in additions to the automated process for vehicle tags or card holders.

ECI provided and installed the guard booth and shelter from Porta-King and the automated vehicle identification readers from Transcore. ECI installed the Parking solutions equipment as provided by WPS.

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