I have written a series of articles describing WPS hardware over the past several months. When finished, the sum of the components described will constitute a complete parking access and revenue control system (PARCS). Printed validation passes are part of that system.

These printed validation passes are often used along with parking tickets in a typical control system. Many options are available for validation passes. They can be customized and programmed to discount time, money, a percentage or even fully validate a parking ticket. Up to five validation passes can be used with each WPS parking ticket transaction.

These passes are generally printed by the managing entity of the parking property. They are distributed to individuals themselves or throughout the facility to authorized tenants or departments so they may pass along to visitors and clients.

The validation pass types include:

  • Value Passes used to enter and exit lanes controlled by barrier gates.
  • Monthly Passes assigned with starting dates and ending dates.
  • Special Passes which include a first time valid along with number of times valid.
  • One Time Exit Passes which permit one free exit from the parking facility.

Passes are printed on a standard laser office printer from packs of sheets, each containing eight validation passes. The validation passes are separated by perforations.

If you wish to read further about the previously described parking access and revenue control components they include Entry Terminals, Exit Terminals, Pay On Foot Terminals and Hand and Vehicle Readers.

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