Barrier Gates Lower Level Employee Parking Schaumburg

Barrier Gates Lower Level Employee Parking Schaumburg

Earlier this year we were called out to a parking garage adjacent to a new eight-story office building in Schaumburg, IL. We were tasked with making the installed vehicle access control automatic barrier gates function to the owner’s requirements. We were able to accomplish the project by reconfiguring the installation.

There are two levels of employee parking in the garage. The image above shows the ramp to the first level. Access for authorized vehicles is controlled through an automatic vehicle identification (AVI) reader. This reads credentials stored in access control tags mounted on vehicles’ windshields. You can see the AVI reader on the concrete column to the far right. It is next to the orange height clearance sign.

You can also see a photo-electric beam mounted on the left barrier gate housing. This signals when a vehicle has cleared so the barrier bar can be returned to the closed horizontal position without damaging the car or truck.

The image below shows the second-level employee parking. The egress lane is in the foreground and the access lane is in the background.

Barrier Gates Upper Level Employee Parking SchaumburgBarrier Gates Upper Level Employee Parking Schaumburg

Barrier Gates Upper Level Employee Parking Schaumburg

I wanted to show you the full width. So I hope you can see a black box above the rear barrier bar just under the concrete ramp ceiling. That is the second AVI reader. If you look closely, you can also make out the photo electric beam tucked in the shadow on the back of the rear barrier gate housing. This is a similar configuration to the barrier gates on the lower level.

Vehicle tags function the same as access control credentials. The information stored determines levels of authorized access including days and times and whether access is also allowed to the second level parking. Information is gathered and added to the system’s data which can later be reported to management.

Nested vehicle detector loops were also wired into the system.

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