Hertz Rent A Car Exit Barrier Gate and Spikes - Before After

Hertz Rent A Car Exit Barrier Gate and Spikes – Before After

Hertz Rent A Car on north State Street in Chicago had a problem with their vehicle traffic control spikes earlier this year. The site is on a lower floor in a parking garage where they store about 20-30 vehicles.

Their existing manual and automated spike units were very old and both had stopped working entirely.
Hertz officials knew they had to do something to bolster the security and counter the problem since vehicles were actually being stolen from the location.

ECI’s Al Krueger, parking and access control division manager, met with representatives from Hertz. Together they came up with a solution that not only increased their security, it was also within their budget guidelines.

Both Manually Operated and Automatic Vehicle Spike Units

ECI restored the entry and exit security by installing:

  1. a replacement spike module from Liftmaster for the automatic spike unit at the exit lane, and
  2. replacement parts from Delta Scientific for the manually operated spike unit at the entrance lane.

Pictured at the top is a before and after view of the exit lane with the new barrier bar, automated traffic control spikes and traffic light. Pictured below is the before and after view of the manually operated traffic control spikes in the entry lane.

Hertz Rent A Car Entry Spikes - Before After

Hertz Rent A Car Entry Spikes – Before After

In addition Liftmaster was able to supply a new barrier gate and controller which also included a traffic control light. A code is entered on a keypad at the exit lane to raise the barrier gate and lower the spikes.

Traffic control spikes puncture tires of unauthorized vehicles or those moving in the wrong direction causing them to deflate. This disrupts and may even stop vehicle movement. Spikes may be surface (as pictured) or flush mounted. These surface mounted spikes also act as a speed bump.

ECI installers at Hertz Rent A Car were Michael Husko and Don Husko.

To learn more visit our Vehicle Traffic Control Spikes page. ECI can assist you in installation, maintenance service, repair or replacement of vehicle access control systems in Illinois, northwest Indiana as well as southeast Wisconsin. Call 847.949.0134 to find out how or click on the box below for contact information.