Hydraulically operated vertical lift gates are a perfect fit when sufficient space to accommodate either a slide or a swing gate is not available. Vertical gates do not require extra horizontal space. These gates do require vertical clearance free from obstructions or hazards (i.e. overhead electrical wires).

The benefits are many and include:

  • fast opening and closing operation
  • multiple lane applications
  • customized height and width sizes available for large gates
  • extraordinary high security (great for prison applications)
  • programmable relay outputs
  • low maintenance and repair costs
  • anti-corrosion protection
  • long operator life
  • high reliability in snowy conditions
  • back up power (UPS)

Optional accessories to consider for your vertical gate installation to make it a turnkey installation:

  • automatic vehicle detectors and vehicle detection loops
  • protective bollards
  • extended output relays
  • real time communications
  • heater kits
  • strobe lights
  • traffic lights
  • custom signage
  • lighting

A vertical gate, as other automatic gates, can start without warning. We therefore strongly advise you to provide signage and separate access for pedestrians. Please keep them away from the gate area at all times.

As always, we at ECI caution you to test and inspect as well as maintain and repair your gates, entrapment sensors and all other operating equipment regularly to meet or exceed manufacturer’s recommendations. We can provide professional, factory trained service personnel to perform these services to keep your operations running smoothly.

Please see our Service and Preventative Maintenance page for more details.

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