Closed Vertical Pivot Lift Gate

Last year ECI installed two AutoGate UL compliant vertical pivot lift (VPL) gates at our Chicago Midway International Airport’s FAA tower grounds. These pivot gates are typically used where space prohibits the use of sliding or swing gates.

Pictured above is one of the pivots gates in the closed position. Below and to the left if the same gate in the open position after rotating 90 degrees. (We will have a video up shortly showing the movement of the vertical pivot lift gate in action.)

Open Vertical Pivot Lift Gate

These pivot gates are available in standard widths spanning 20 feet (made of steel) and 24 feet (made of aluminum and ranging from five to eight feet tall). They are available in 10 standard designs, including the chain link as shown. This one was also fitted with barbed wire across the top for added security.

They open or close within 10-12 second. Each offers back up power supplies furnishing up to 72 hours of operation among other features.

Included in the installation were the concrete pads for the gate operators as well as the new pedestal mounts for the existing access control equipment (white box in right background between two bollards). We also installed the protective bollard covers (yellow with red stripes at top). The vehicle detector loops (shown in the foreground of each image) were tied into the system.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is responsible for all safety matters concerning civil aviation. Midway Airport’s FAA tower is but a part of their important functions in managing traffic control of aircraft in our skies.

As a footnote, our second blog article “Award to ECI For High Security Vehicle Access Sally Port” was for an award we received for installation of a sally port at Midway. This was published almost two and one half years ago.

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