Just earlier this month I wrote about a new turnstile installation we did: “Indoor Full Height Turnstile For Romeoville FedEx Freight”. BoonEdam manufactures this particular line of TurnLock turnstiles. I found their instructional end user video (above) online and wanted to share it with you with some comments.

BoonEdam calls this a manually operated three wing turnstile. A wing is a single compartment meant for one person to use. When proper access control credentials are presented, the turnstile rotates one compartment or one-third of a circle.

People must enter and exit on the same side of the turnstile. Traffic may flow either to the left or to the right depending on installation. A turnstile can allow for two-way traffic but only in one direction at a time.

In the video a person is shown entering an authorized access card to activate the turnstile. An optional green light indicates the card was accepted. The credentials can be of any variety of access control devices from a number entered into a keypad through bio-metrics.

If access is authorized and granted the user manually pushes the turnstile one third revolution. Optional speed controls can provide for smooth operation.

The video next shows a second user entering the turnstile behind someone going in the same direction. Next, for someone wishing to exit from the opposite side, they must wait until the turnstile is clear and stops.

The video makes a point of not following an authorized user without first presenting your credentials. This is called tailgating. The turnstile’s rotation will stop one-third of the way and not allow someone to pass through while tailgating in the following compartment. The revolution must stop and authorized credentials presented to proceed.

Note that the video shows a simple push-button activation. This is most common for exit privileges only in a two-way operation. After all, the person would need authorized access to enter. However, management may require credentials to exit if it wants to track both entering and exiting through the turnstile.

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