We have been sharing stories and videos about high-security fencing with you recently we first reported “Crash Rated Fencing and Sliding Gate | Chicago Locks Part 1”. It was followed by “Anti-Ram Barriers Plus High-Security Heavy Steel Fencing”.

We’ve also shared many videos of trucks and cars versus anti-terrorist wedge barriers and bollards. This video from Ameristar Assa / Abloy shows the devastating results of a truck hitting a section of anti-ram fencing.

We see a flatbed truck loaded with 55-gallon drums speeding down the pavement. The drums simulate an explosive-laden terrorist vehicle.

Watch from the side as the truck is brought to a standstill as it hits the anti-ram barrier fence. The crumbled cab is pushed over the engine as the front hood and smaller parts are strewn about.

Next, watch the same demolition from a view looking down. After a repeat visit to the side view footage you now can see the front of the approaching vehicle as it hits the high-security fence. And, it’s in slow motion to capture the utter destruction after impact.

This is a vivid example of the type of protection ECI can provide and install in anti-ram, security fencing for your location. Call 847.929.0134 for more information. Or click below for direct contact information or to use our contact form.

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