This video from Thailand’s Zenith Security Solution Company, Ltd. shows the basics of how a vehicle barrier gate system operates.

The car rolls up to the red reader and is stopped by the automated barrier gate. Note: The reader is shown on the left side since they drive on the left side of the road in Thailand.

The driver presents his or her credentials (i.e. proximity, numeric code, magnetic stripe, bar code, etc.). After the credentials are validated by an existing access control system for the authorized date and time, the automatic barrier gate opens. As shown it lifts upwards almost to a 90 degree opening to allow the car to pass through unimpeded.

The car proceeds forward through the access point. A vehicle loop detector is embedded in the pavement as well an infrared motion detector (green and white line) to sense the car passing. Once the car passes, the barrier is once again lowered into position until the next vehicle arrives and the driver presents proper credentials to allow access.

Notice the guard booth adjacent to the devices. Guards may be present at certain heavy traffic times to manually operate the barrier gate system. Or they may be positioned on the opposite side to oversee exit traffic.

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