After terrorist attacks abroad and in the U.S., as well as other vehicular incidents, the city of New Orleans instituted a $40 million safety plan. The intent of part of the investment is to help protect its citizens and tourists from vehicular attacks on the busy Bourbon Street.

Here is video footage which shows one of the wedge barriers installed along Bourbon Street. There are at least three of these wedge barriers in the French quarter of the city.

When extended in their security mode, the wedge barrier forms a “V” shape (i.e. like a wedge of pie) to thwart penetration from a car or truck. When retracted the barrier lays semi-flat on the pavement. Vehicles can drive over them, albeit sometime with difficulty as shown for the bicycle cab on the video.

In addition to wedge barriers, installation of a combination of fixed and movable security bollards began in December, 2017. When in a security position, a set of four bollards block access to the roadway. To allow vehicular traffic, the two middle bollards can be moved mechanically to a position near the fixed bollards on either side. They slide open to allow an approximately 13 foot wide path.

The security bollards are to be installed “at each intersection (of Bourbon Street) from Canal to St. Louis Street.” They will be used to block traffic from turning on to Bourbon Street. Additional bollards are to be installed late this month and during October for several blocks on Bourbon Street.

Just this past May an apparent vehicular attack was thwarted according to Fox 8 Local First. A man driving a grey Kia the wrong way down Bourbon Street refused to stop when confronted with two Louisiana state troopers patrolling the street.

The driver stopped or slowed down twice but then continued accelerating. One of the troopers racing along side the vehicle shot and wounded the driver as the car was approaching pedestrians in the street. The car stopped just short of hitting a women when it plowed into two security bollards.

Watch the dramatic video at: “Dramatic surveillance footage shows what happened when state trooper shot man“.

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