Last month I wrote an article “Wedge Barriers Keep Cars In This Facility to Prevent Theft”. Cars were being stolen from a remote parking facility near Chicago. After installing concrete barriers and fencing, management turned to ECI for the final key to help prevent unwanted egress. That key was keeping automobiles in a parking lot, rather than preventing their access. It was a different twist. The reverse would be the case in a counter terrorism application.

This short video shows our design and installation of one of the wedge barriers. The van is actually entering the facility rather than exiting. The surface mounted wedge barrier is shown in its extended position at the start with the lighted, visual barrier arm down as well.

The red light (see top of white housing) is another visual warning to stop and not to proceed. There is a corresponding traffic light (shown vertically over the driver’s side headlight and windshield) on the opposite side as well.

If someone were attempting to exit from one of the two egress points, a guard on premises (guard booth partially shown top right) would activate a relay switch to lower the wedge barrier and raise the arm. If a guard is not present, an intercom is available to call a remote location for activation. As shown, the red light and traffic light turn green when safe to proceed. After the vehicle clears a vehicle detection loop the wedge barrier is extended again, the barrier arm comes down and the lights turn red signaling the approaching vehicle should stop.

HySecurity® WedgeSmart™ Wedge Barrier Arm Operators were used in this turn key installation. ECI also provided and installed the vehicle detector loops, traffic light, interfacing with existing devices, as well as electrical work from the guard shelter, piping and concrete work.

The wedge barriers will stop small cars (about 2,430 lb.) moving up to 40 mph and even full size sedans (about 4,630 lb.) traveling at 30 mph.

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