We have been offering some descriptive videos and writing for some time about ram raids or “crash and grabs” (where perpetrators use vehicles). I found this most interesting video on YouTube. It is entitled “Cash Point/ATM Machine Robbery Ram Raid compilation”. It is longer than most, but I think worth the viewing.

This compilation combines six or seven ATM attacks, although only three ‘feature’ use of vehicles in crash and grabs. It is literally amazing to me to see what detail these perpetrators go to in the quest for cash. It is almost like watching a scripted Hollywood movie. And, it is giving other wannabees ideas and know how.

The first segment starts out quite long and boring and I almost had to push myself through it. It shows a perpetrator wearing a hoodie with (what seems like) a balloon and a bag. But watch what happens when he deflates the balloon, sets up some wires and goes outside. Boom!

In the next video from a rooftop you see a rugged type terrain vehicle backing up to a location while an alarm is blaring. The vehicle lurches forward with a strap attached, then backs up again. There is now another vehicle in view. The SUV drives forward again, this time with the ATM in tow. Four perpetrators load the ATM into the second vehicle and they depart, abandoning the first vehicle which was probably stolen.

The next clip is really the most interesting and novel. The segment starts at about 3:22. The outside of a store is shown with protective security bollards. A car enters the parking lot with a trailer in tow. A large construction type loader (or rather destruction) vehicle also enters the lot. It has an articulating arm much like a hoe. The arm is used to destroy the front of the building while leaving the security bollards intact.

After a pause you see that another vehicle is now blocking entry into the parking lot. A strap is attached to the ATM and it is dragged out of the store by the loader and then lifted onto the trailer. The video ends there. I assume the two cars depart and the construction equipment is left, since it was probably stolen.

The next two clips show explosives used in first an outside ATM then on two inside ATMs.

The next to last clip starts after a jeep type vehicle has smashed a store front on a tall building in a well lit area. The vehicle backs up into the store and is shown dragging the ATM out on a strap. The ATM is loaded into another vehicle and the perpetrators flee, leaving the ram vehicle abandoned.

In the final clip three perpetrators working on an outside ATM shown attaching a cable (probably with the intent of using a vehicle to pull it from its base) are interrupted by police responding to the scene.

These are but more continuing video stories of thieves using vehicles to ram locations and help steal cash from ATMs or the ATMs themselves. Perpetrators use vehicles in crash and grabs to smash through store fronts, cause considerable damage to the facilities while the owners lose cash from the ATMs or other valuables.

These events are unpredictable and potentially offer big paybacks in jewelry, cash, guns, high fashion, etc. Unprotected stores are extremely vulnerable and crash rated bollards or other anti-ram vehicle barriers can possibly deter and might even prevent the damage and loss.

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