Last month I shared two videos with you in an article entitled “Shallow Mount Retractable Security Bollards Shown In Video”. The Raptor is a shallow mount crash-rated security bollard. It has an unusual curved design unlike the cylindrical bollards often shown here.

I described the Raptor security bollard in the article as viewed in the banner video. That video showed the Raptor going through ASTM (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) testing. The second video showed an impressive, almost artistic, array of 10 security bollards installed in the states.

The above video shows the security bollard going through PAS68 crash test. This standard is a publicly available specification (PAS) overseen by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and is commonly seen in Europe. It was developed to rate the effectiveness of devices such as bollards, barriers and other devices.

The tests measure the impact results when vehicles such as those used by terrorists and loaded with explosives crash into these barriers. Test factors include speed and type of vehicle, angle and penetration of impact as well as dispersion of debris.

As in the prior video we see views of the security bollard and near-by truck from different views. We also can see the bollard rise from the surface mount position and fully extend.

The truck is demolished as can be seen in the full speed test. Then slow-motion views are shown from various angles, including a view from directly above. The damage is devastating as the cab is separated from the bed and vaulted ahead while debris flies all over.

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