I found an interesting article on Top Speed last week entitled “You’ll Probably Love Watching These Trucks Smash Into Anti Terrorist Barriers“. Its author, Kirby Garlitos, has had a passion for automobiles and speed since he was five years old.

His article focuses on eight images of trucks smashing into counter-terrorist barriers and the subsequent effects. Kirby notes in his article that the counter-terrorism barriers have ‘zero give’.

He observes: “…it’s incredible how strong these anti-terrorist barriers are…” they “barely flinch” when struck by heavy trucks and still stand “completely indestructible”. Later he writes: “It’s hard to describe the carnage that happens to a rampaging truck anytime they stare down one of these anti-terrorism barriers.”

We agree, as written many times here before.

Garlitos’ attempt to embed a video from which the images were apparently taken from does not show up and play on my computer. However, I was able to track down a Facebook page from Australia’s Toughest Cars where you can view it.

My search continued after that and it led me to the impressive video above from the All Motors TV Car & Motorbike YouTube channel. The images are quite riveting and even scary, of various trucks meeting bollards and other types of anti-terrorist barriers.

Cabs are severed from trucks and frames are separated from truck bodies. Smaller trucks traveling at slower speeds are literally stopped dead in their tracks with their front ends demolished. A medium-size truck is catapulted into the air.

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