HySecurity, a regular ECI supplier, posted this video last year showing the effectiveness of one of their vehicle wedge barriers in stopping a truck. It is worth a second look following our discussions about the effectiveness of vehicle wedge barriers.

Watch through the eyes of a dashboard camera as this 15,000 pound truck is stopped cold by a HySecurity vehicle wedge barrier. The truck was traveling at 50 mph when it slammed into the wedge crash barrier. As seen, the barrier had a dramatic stopping effect. There was zero penetration by the truck.

I discussed wedge barriers in an earlier blog entitled “Wedge Barriers Are Used In active Vehicle Barrier Systems“.

Wedge Barriers as Part of An Active Vehicle Barrier System

These barriers are frequent components of well designed active vehicle barrier systems. They are typically used as a defense against vehicle based threats and unauthorized access at perimeter entry points in anti-terrorism applications at high security targets.

Pivoting up from the surface of the pavement, they form a wedge shaped barrier installed permanently either in ground or even on the surface. Some wedges can even be transported for temporary applications. This wedge blocks vehicular traffic flow until lowered into from its open position. A pneumatic or hydraulic system enables the wedge to be raised or lowered in mere seconds.

For more information please see our page Selecting Anti Terrorist Active Vehicle Barrier Systems. For assistance in selection and installation of wedge vehicle barriers call ECI at 847.949.0134 or use the link below for contact information.