Earlier this summer I wrote in a blog article here “Wedge Barrier Replaced On Wacker Drive in Chicago“. We replaced an existing wedge barrier with the Nice/HySecurity HydraWedge SM50 vehicle wedge barrier.

I wanted to show you the smooth operation of the wedge vehicle barrier as shown in the above video. This model also includes a barrier bar across the lane. You may also notice the red and green lights which act as additional visual indicators to drivers.

The name ‘wedge barrier’ derives from the pie (wedge), or ‘V’, shaped appearance when extended. (Note: See the wedge shaped position at approximately six and 25 seconds in the video). The barrier lies flat on the ground when down to allow vehicles to pass.

Wedge barriers adhere to the United States Department of State (DOS) crash rating standards which establish rating certifications per speed of travel and weight (type) vehicle.

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