We will feature a Nice/HySecurity HydraWedge SM50 vehicle wedge barrier in upcoming blogs which highlight a recent actual installation in downtown Chicago. But before then, I wanted you to see the above video. It vividly shows what happens when a medium size (15,000 lb.) truck traveling at 50 mph meets a wedge barrier in an ASTM M50 crash test.

The results, as you will see, are dramatic. No penetration was allowed.

First, watch as if you are riding in the cab as the truck approaches the extended wedge barrier. Then from in front of the truck you will see the dramatic impact. The force of the impact literally demolishes the engine compartment and cab, separating them from the truck’s body. In the last part of the video, you can better see the cab separating from the rest of the vehicle.

When retracted to allow traffic to pass, a wedge barrier lies almost flat to the surface it is installed in. When extended, via a hydraulic or pneumatic system, the barrier forms a (pie) wedge-shaped profile. The design effectively brings oncoming traffic to a halt – either voluntarily or dramatically (as shown).

Vehicle wedge barriers are used in high-security applications often in anti-terrorist or anti-ram scenarios such as embassies, government facilities, military bases, nuclear plants, etc. Wedge barriers are even used in everyday high potential loss environments.

You can learn more on our Wedge Barrier page.

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