As you know, I visit whimsical bollards on my occasional tangent away from the serious side of the perimeter security bollards business. The video I share above details the step by step process Le CyKlop (an artist in Paris, France) takes in manufacturing these cyclops tops (that may be extended as bollards).

There are many interesting pictures of street security bollards on his blog. They include parking bollards with people depicted in various outfits, super heroes, (happy and angry) legos figures, decorative and art deco, etc.

Some of his parking bollards adorn Paris’ Champs-Élysées which is considered to be one of the best known and most beautiful streets in the world. In addition to the parking bollards, there are images of street art, most all with the cyclopes theme, on his site.

I thought you might enjoy viewing as well at

Cyclopes (singular: cyclops) are one eyed creatures found in Greek mythology. They are also mentioned later in Roman mythology. According to Wikipedia there are three distinguishable groups of cyclopes. Learn more at

The parking bollards are similar to security bollards we install to protect expensive vehicle parking equipment, gate operators, guard booths, out of control vehicles, etc. from accidental damage from cars or trucks. ECI also installs crash rated bollards for high security applications.

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