In late 2017 ECI was called to Village Green of Lincolnshire, a small gated community in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. They were planning to replace their existing swing gates, electrical infrastructure, loops and concrete with new. We were asked to be part of the team.

Pictured above are the double swing gates which allow access and egress from the community. In the foreground you can see the telephone entry system mounted on a black pedestal for visitors to dial residents.

ECI removed and repaired the existing gate operators and installed a new battery backup system. We also installed a cellular telephone access system. Most of the gate control equipment for Village Green is pictured to the left except for the gate operators.

We also installed six preformed vehicle detector loops within the concrete pour. Each gate has three vehicle detector loops. In the entry lane the first loop acts as an arming / safety loop. It activates the entry system along with prohibiting the gate from closing on a vehicle.

After the gate opens the vehicle crosses a second loop, known as a “Ghost Loop”. This loop also prohibits the gate from closing on a vehicle in the path of the swing gate. The third loop also acts as a safety and triggers the gate to close.

For the exit gate, the first vehicle detector relays to open the swing gate. The other two detectors work in the same manner as above.

Vehicle detector loops are actually inductance loops. They require sufficient metal to enter into the field to trigger detection. They can be adjusted to detect various vehicle sizes from motorcycles to large trucks.

I explained more in an article entitled “How A Vehicle Detector Loop Works in Parking Access Control” last year. Prior to that I reviewed a video showing swing gates in an article entitled “View Swing Gate System Used In A High Security Application”.

The work at Village Green of Lincolnshire was a partial turnkey installation in as much as ECI re-did much of the electrical infrastructure, installed preformed vehicle detection loops within the concrete, repaired and re-installed the existing gate operators with a new battery back-up system and installed a new cellular access system.

Learn more about equipment ECI provides, installs and maintains for other Residential Gated Communities in the Chicagoland area. And learn more about Village Green of Lincolnshire at their Website.

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