Barrier Gates Second Reversible Lane

Barrier Gates Second Reversible Lane

I have been writing over the last several weeks about work ECI recently completed at a parking garage in a near northwest Chicago suburban location. Today we’ll look at a second lane that was made reversible to allow either access or egress depending on the time and traffic flow.

The picture above shows a shorter lane (than the prior articles) where the new automatic barrier gates are separated by just over the distance of a car length. The lane is set for access here as the near barrier gate is in the open, or vertical position, as shown. (And the far barrier gate is in the horizontal, or closed position.)

Access readers and an intercom are seen mounted on a black gooseneck pedestal at the left center of the image. This allows the driver to pull up and present proper credentials. This then signals the barrier gate closer to the garage entryway to open and allow the vehicle to pass through.

The same sequence occurs in reverse when the lane is programmed for egress. Except at that time the barrier gate in the foreground would be in the closed or horizontal position. And the gate nearest the garage entryway would be in the open or vertical position.

The second set of access control readers and intercom (used to gain egress) are pictured to the right and against the building on another gooseneck pedestal mount. This lines up with the driver’s side of the vehicle as it is exiting the parking lot.

As before, ECI also installed the yellow protective bollards and the vehicle detector loops (rectangle in pavement). The bollards protect the sensitive equipment from damage due to low speed collisions. The loops send relay signal to the gate operator when a car approaches a gate and also when a car has cleared the barrier gate so it can proceed to close.

The Parking Pro combined automatic barrier gates and arms were provided by Magnetic. Models are available that span lanes up to 12 feet wide. Shown here in white, they are also available in numerous colors and can be illuminated at night. Additional options include, battery backup, heaters, breakaway flanges and more.

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