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New Guard Booth and Barrier Gates Moody Church Chicago

Moody Church Chicago New Guard Booth and Barrier Gates

Guard booths and shelters are indoor or outdoor prefabricated rooms or buildings which help protect one or more employees, security equipment and revenue access control equipment from the elements or from assault, vandalism or theft in a variety of applications. They may be installed at ground level, slightly raised or even elevated above ground. Most of the ones ECI furnishes and installs are fixed; others are portable. Many have restrooms.

Security options include:

  • High security locks
  • Access control devices
  • Protective Roll Down Shutters
  • Security screens
  • Bullet-proof glass
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Ballistic rated construction materials (doors, windows, walls and roof)

Both sizes and layouts are customizable and there are many interior and exterior finish options available. H.V.A.C. units to fit the size of the shelter help control climate. Built in and plumbed restrooms are optional as is factory installed electrical wiring.

According to Wikipedia, guardhouses “…are generally placed at the entrance as checkpoints for securing, monitoring and maintaining access control into the secured facility. In the case of small to mid-sized facilities, generally, the entire physical security envelope is controlled from…” them.

A myriad of terms are used to refer to Guard Booths and Shelters. These include: Attendant Booths, Control Booths, Guard Shacks, Guard Towers, Guard Buildings, Guard Houses, Guardhouses, Guard Building , Gate Houses, Kiosks, Lifeguard Towers, Look Out (i.e. Forest Service, Jails, etc.) Towers, Observation Towers, Parking Booths, Parking Attendant Booth, Security Booths, Security Guard Booths, Security Building, Sentry Building, Shelters, Toll Booths, Valet Booths, Watch Houses, etc.

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